Sony FE Lenses (& more) Accurately Tested For IR


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I have tested a lot of lenses lately. The list of Sony FE (full frame E-mount) AF lenses is up to 19. Recently added more from Sony, Samyang, Tamron and Zeiss. 138 lenses all together. All tested on the Sony A7 under repeatable conditions with accurate values. Most have examples. Everything is tested at 830nm (so 99% IR, not visible).

Lenses are scored out of 100. 0 being so bad that the hotspot is half the brightness of the scene, thus unusable. I generally look for lenses scoring above 9.0 because I like very high contrast scenes & lighting.

If you'd like to know more there's lots of info on the bottom of the link and the calibration link at the top. Hope someone finds some of this useful. Any questions about any of this stuff feel free to give me a shout.


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Thanks So Much Edd for all your hard work and for Documenting your findings !!!

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