Sony A7RIV - Finally Fixed For IR / FS Conversion!


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Happy New Year Everyone! :)

I have heard from three conversion companies that the newest Sony A7 camera (mk4) no longer suffers from either of the two issues that were plaguing the mk3 (and some of the mk2) models. Just to clarify - both the IR LED light bleed issue and the striping issues seem to be fixed.

I'm a bit depressed as I have a mk3, but that's great news for everyone else... I will upgrade... eventually!

NOTE: I just realised this is not the correct place to post this, but I can't see how to delete / move posts. Sorry guys!


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Happy New Year to You as Well Edd !!!

That's so great to hear, and will certainly open up another Great Camera to the IR World !!!

Thanks again for the Information !!!