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I think after reading rules I can ask a question, oh BTW I’m a newb to infared but not photograph.
I had an Olympus PenF converted to 590 and am having the awfull center of the lens issue on my images
i own the 1.2 trio and the 2.8 zoom trio 60 & 30 macro lenses the only lens that doesn’t produce the center lighter orb is my 30. I’m wondering what other M43 users out there are doing, please help!


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Hi Jeff, Of course you can ask questions !!! Please don't ever hesitate to , if someone on here doesn't have a good answer
There's others we can reach out to.

I actually had one of the Little Oly's mine was the E-PL6 and used the Kit Lense with it, I think it was the Olympus 14-42 and never had an issue with any hotspots. I looked on Kolari Hot Spot List and didn't see the lenses you listed on their "List" good or Bad.

You might see if you can pick up one of the 14-42 and see if you like that.

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