Posting Rules

Posting Rules

Registering and Being A Member to the Wide World of IR Photography Forum is Free,
and We Welcome Everyone. The Rules are very Clear and Easy To Follow, if you do not Agree
or Comply to these Rules/Guidelines then you will not be allowed to Post. The Admin's / Moderator's have the
Right to Remove, Ban, Delete, or Remove Posts and Members* if they persist or do not comply with the Guidelines Below:

***Please only 1 (One) Post per day, you can have up to 5 images per post. We might raise this up as we go along, but for the time being please abide by this.

***Be Courteous, and Polite to your Fellow Members. No Profanity, Rude, Crude, or Abusive Behavior will be Tolerated. If this continues
you will be removed !!! No Politics this is a Photo Group !!!

***Do not Misrepresent someone else's work as your Own, and do not violate Copyright Laws, do not Use or Post Other's Images
on This Group without their permission or anyplace else.

***No Images which contain Lewd, Vulgar, or is Pornographic in Nature will be acceptable and will be Immediately Deleted.
Please only Post Tasteful and Artistic Images. This will be Only Posted in the Portrait IR Forum and that will have a 21 or older designation on it.

***No Spam, Advertisements, fake schemes are allowed to be posted. Members Posting Workshops or Meetup's, please post them in the Appropriate Forums set up for that, Please !!!

***No Links to Commercial Sites, Forums, Reviews, or Blatant Self Promoting Sites with Subscriptions or Sales.

***We hope that you will enjoy this Forum, and post your beautiful images, but *if you violate the Rules you will be removed and
if you've paid a membership fee that will be forfeited due to your not following the Rules/Guidelines.